Death is certain

No matter how much we try to insulate ourselves from it, it cannot be avoided.  Furthermore, fighting it or fighting anything for that matter, will only increase its appearance in our lives.


Instead, learning to embrace the unknown will make it our ally and help us to realize that indeed there is truly nothing to be afraid of at all.  The process of releasing fear and more specifically, fear of the unknown will simultaneously bring us deeper realizations about the fundamental nature of reality and our true self, which will help us to understand how uncertainty is an integral and beautiful part of life.

Fear typically arises from (among a few other things) a lack of understanding and trust in our role as the creator of our reality.  If we don’t fully believe we are responsible for what we experience, then we may feel as if anything could happen to us at any time, not perceiving that indeed it is we who control what the universe brings to us.  Always preparing for and thinking about fear inducing scenarios and events will cause them to manifest in your life.  Instead, we must trust our role as a co-creator of our reality.  Have confidence in our vision and our abilities. Fear often signals that we may have self-worth issues as well, which is extremely common these days.

However, with the above being said, it is important to realize that fear is not to be eliminated, but rather understood for what it really is—it is to be observed rather than reacted to.  This is how one disarms it.  Our goal here is not suppression, but rather acceptance and understanding.  From this perspective we can extract the lessons and knowledge our emotional states offer us about ourselves.  (Author:  Tony Griffin)


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