Joyce Juster, M.A.

Licensed Psychologist

There is no greater comfort than being understood.   


It is my hope that as you acquaint yourself with my website, you will find what you need for your individual situation.

Life presents each and every one of us with challenges and sometimes we are confronted with circumstances we didn’t anticipate. We all need support along the way and the counseling process is an invitation to grow and to work through the issues we are facing in life. Sometimes we are too confused or hurt to fully understand what we are facing. Sometimes we may resist change. Sometimes our desire to keep the status quo may work against our best interests. Sometimes we may find that our best coping skills are simply no longer sufficient to help us with the next step in our personal growth.

Regardless of what we may be experiencing or wrestling with on an emotional, psychological, or spiritual level, one thing is certain: each of us is a unique individual with immeasurable value. Sometimes this truth may be as clear to us as the sky is on a sunny day. Other times, it may be that our awareness of this precious truth has completely vanished the way the sun seems to disappear on an overcast day.

It takes courage to initiate your first step toward counseling. I welcome those of you who are looking for a safe place to gain insight into yourself and your circumstances and to explore ways to make changes in your life. You will find my style to be both supportive and collaborative, and the counseling environment to be warm, welcoming and encouraging. I have a gentle approach that recognizes each person’s unique strengths and gifts. My goal is to enable you to develop new tools to help you create greater satisfaction in those areas of your life that are important to you.



Joyce Juster